We believe in knowledge. To support our entrepreneurs, we've created a set of primers that explain how to build a medical venture. 


We start by helping you understand how to establish the right foundation for your company - the right problem paired with the right solution - and then move into a high level overview of the commercialization process for medical products. We then provide a series of deep dives into some of the issues that we feel are critically important when guiding a company to success.


We periodically release whitepapers on topics of deep interest for us. We provide them here for the benefit of our community.


Biomarkers: Bridging the Gap in Medical Diagnostics

Diagnostics will be the fastest growing field within medical devices, both in terms of research and in the creation and growth of successful, world changing companies. The benefits of improved diagnostics are potentially revolutionary. Better and faster predictions of impending health problems will allow for earlier interventions, fewer invasive procedures, improved clinical outcomes (including fewer side effects), and lower healthcare costs.