Here's what matters to us:


We believe in deep diligence and review nearly 1000 companies each year, selecting those that we believe in. Our investment criteria is unique in the venture community.


Breadth of Application

Your breakthrough should have highly protectable IP and broad commercial applicability. We like technologies with many potential pathways.

Early in the Journey

A compelling paper or patent will spark our interest. Ideally we like to see a working proof of concept, but we will talk even before that.

Right Individuals

We look for people who are responsive and curious, eager to engage and actively prepare for what’s ahead. We care about your future more than your past.

Longterm View

We invest early and stick around as long as needed. We aim to help our portfolio companies start off and end strong.



Interest Piqued

We take a first look at an innovation we encounter. We verify that it’s at an appropriate stage of development and that it has strong commercial potential.



Tell us more

Help us get to know the driving force supporting your innovation.  We have a defined set of questions for your company to answer, this helps us assess your product, business model and strategic goals.



Careful Study

We’ll learn everything we can about your innovation. We’ll read your papers, patents and summaries. We’ll ask questions and review our learnings with our broad, multi-displinary team to gather even more questions



In-Person Discussions

We don’t often get to this stage, but at this point we review your diligence package, visit you and have conversations about how together we all envision your breakthrough’s future.




If we are aligned, then we’ll prepare a termsheet that outlines the money we invest when your team meets well defined milestones.